Monday, April 10, 2006

13- 24 February2006
Weekly report no 2

Trip to Reitvlei Dam

Tour guide Miss. Magter

It was a planned trip, and was a learning curve as these trip was entails information that we as an ecologist had to know. I experience lot of thing at reitvlei concerning the environment. And I was like a tourist as I saw lots of animals,

Our tour guide was a perfect one even though she don’t, know lots of environmental information, but it was good guider as most of the information that I need to know she present it.

Visiting reitvlei also taught me thing that I was not knowing especial the ecosystem service that the nature provide for us. I also learn that reitvlei supply 50% of Pretoria’s water which most of it are recycled one, as south Africa are experiencing water scarcity.

These taught me to conserve water so that we cannot run out of quality water. These can happen if we are not conserving and maintaining our natural wetland and streams. Because the ecosystem service is the one that can provide quality water and air

Important thing that I have learned, was about the report of Riet Vlei we were supposed to write, it was simple as we have done it as team and it take only four days, which shows that what ever you do in life if it needs other people’s involvement can be simple and achieved in a short space. It was also easy to find relevant information using the search engines.

“Please let us conserve water and our natural environment for the future, then we will leave longer, and it will be sustained”

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At 3:43 PM, Blogger Maleka Evelyn said...

i agree with you when you are saying that we need to conserve water and our environment, it is very important to protect our environment and remember that 'every drop counts' and that we depend on water and environment for our life.


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