Monday, April 10, 2006

13- 24 February2006
Weekly report no 3

Writing skills Statistics course Creativity

CSIR turnover Week 2 report lateral thinking

On the turn over

Writing skills (by Martie Van De Venter)

I have learned about writing a well formatted scientific report, how to integrate the information I have, as well as the way I format the bibliography, this skills will helps me during my academic period.

CSIR turnover Presentation (Mr Gerhard smith)
On this presentation I learn lots o thing that I did not understand, this presentation also help me to answer some of the question that I was asking my self about the way csir operate. It also helps me on my project.

The presentation was not structured for people like me as it looks like the presentation was subjected to the executive.

Statistics course (By Alta de Waal, and Renee’ Koen)

I have learnt about collecting data using statistically approach, how to present the data mathematically and also how to analyse the data collected.

It was a good exposure to the subject as it will help me during my research; also the people who where guiding us where well prepared as the reach what they plan to offer us

Creativity (Lyn Vermark, Jeremy walls)

In the first session I was not learning anything as it was like young kid playing, but as it was continuing a started to see what they are trying to implement.

The session was about creativity and also thinking lateral this helps me to understand my thinking capabilities, this was amazing as it goes with my capabilities as I now I know which part of brain I mostly use.

It also helps me on self confident as what ever ideas I create nobody have to criticize it, and I have to implement what ever idea I have as a researcher.

Session was planned and also well organised as I started to have fun

In general all the session that we have done made different in my stay at csir and I also know how I can implement in the working environment

Writing skills for post graduate studies

I have learned the way I have to structure my writing, what was subject to when you are using somebody’s idea, the way thing referenced. How important to reference somebody’s information as it can have an impact on your project. So what ever information I collect it have to have reference as well as a date so that other people can also use the same information and have access to the source where I find the information.
Meeting the deadline
Submitting the report of csir overview
This was hectic day for me as I fail to meet the dead line of the report, but these guide me for the future projects that I don’t have to postpone the date marked for submission

What I have learnt was that, no matter what time is give for certain task, if your are not serious planned you can miss the dead line. So do thing as time given if you want reach success.

IT skills (by Martie Van De Venter)
I was exposed to the csir data base management system where I learnt how to use the csir computer system, it was good session as now I have the csir email, and which‘ll be an easy way to communicate with other colleague within csir.

The importance of email in a working environment, what information I have to send or receive, by this I mean the copy right law. It was the other thing I’ve learnt



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