Monday, April 10, 2006

Scientific Methodology
Muanalo ELELWANI (2656759)
06- 17 MARCH 2006
Weekly report no 5

Course: Scientific Methodology's weekly report.
Evolution (Human origins)

We started with our lecture, which was hectic as I’m not familiar with distance learning. Linking with the lecture through internet is another experience to me.
I watch the video which is the part of our course content, for human evolution
It was amazing knowing where I come from, the origin of our ancestors
With the pamphlet we get it help us to understand the evolution,

What I have learnt within this course is that our team spirit still exists, as we share and discuss the course, and this simplifies the difficulties of the evolution to understand.

Meeting Mr. Colleen (from Royce Roy USA)

Meeting with Colleen from Royce Roy USA, they manufacture cars airplane and ship engines. He was giving us his experiences, which help if I want to be successful in life

What I have learn was to be humble if I want information from other people and also the way of networking, I don’t have to net work with people in a specific field of my studied. I have to generalize and the select what is important to my career.

Building 33 (video conference)

It was an amazing learning curve for me to have conversation with people from Cape Town while I’m in gauteng. This helps me to understand the distance learning as I tend to understand the way we are going to do on our studies.

We spoke with the people who are going to help us on our course, Mr Laurie Barwell, Richard knight, Vanessa and student who are doing the same course with us
I ask question that was not well answered by watching the video of Evolution, they try to answer some of the question.

What I've learnt is how to present my self in a modern technology, and also to learn that every thing is possible with innovation.

It was congested week as we started with our studies and this was confusing as we were not update or informed the way we are going to do things how to check the posted assignment (task concerning our studies ) but with the help of Mrs A Adey very thing tend to be simple. I manage to do my work in time and at the end we get the assignment for our course.
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