Monday, April 10, 2006

Report no 6
13- 17 MARCH 2006

I start with my first assignment which was difficult as the due date of submission was on 15 Wednesday which mean I only have 3 days that I can use to search information from the internet and also do the final version as I do not have the access to the internet, but I manage to met the deadline of submission of the assignment, even though I struggle to finish it I manage.

What I've learnt is that meeting the deadline is difficult thing to do, but if you assign yourself on the task you can make it.

We met Mr Laurie Barwell, personal, he was motivating us on our studies and also encourage us to complete this learner ship as there is potential and shortage of skills in this field.

It was also hectic week as I was preparing for the test which was set for Friday 17 03/06 but we never wrote it, so it was frustrating as I was prepared for the test.

In general things are looking good at the moment as I'm focused on my studies and I've adapted to distance learning. It seems as every thing will be fine and I will manage my things. And most of my time I spent checking on weblog which help me to be updated with the information posted for my task.


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